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  2. Get Up MAXTHON !

    I excitedly downloaded Maxthon but was horribly disappointed in the graphical errors such as poor quality in YouTube videos; I never had this issue with the earlier Maxthon version before this one...another being notable lines visible when I played certain games online too. There are other issues but one reason I used Maxthon is because it is one of the few browsers I can use on Windows XP (seriously, I just cannot afford to update/upgrade my computer for the foreseeable future) but with the lack of extension variety especially when it comes to ad-blockers and a poorly designed extension site and lack development, I really don't want to have to abandon Maxthon as I like to use a couple depending on the situation. At any rate I really would like to see a stable version of Maxthon being deployed, I like using it as a portable (standalone) browser and I do like it overall but..well, I just would like to see the next release be more stable and usable. I am not a software or web developer nor am I particularily technically minded but I don't really think it is that much to ask that the basic functions be reliable nor do I think it too much to ask that we have a choice in usable extensions on a site that is organized better. Anyways..I still like Maxthon but I was a bit disappointed in the version
  3. Maxthon is dying

    I went to firefox and have not had to ask anyone to fix anything since!
  4. Get Up MAXTHON !

    I had so many issues for so long that i finally gave up and went to Firefox. It was a happy elopement!
  5. MX5 PC Official Release

    This version works fine for me. But I'm looking forward to the newer (beta) version. When expected? Thanks!
  6. Last week
  7. Passkeeper SMS Verification not received

    It works fine here in the United States.
  8. Hi there, have you tried to send the verification code again? Please try to send it again.
  9. sorry, it doesnt work here as well
  10. +639486257033

    1. BugSir006


      Hi there,

      We have checked the records of your messages, the messages have been sent properly. Please try to contact your local telecom provider.


  11. Please send your phone number to me via personal message.
  12. My Area Code is (+63) Philippines. Replying the whole contact number here might affect privacy.
  13. Hi there, please let me know your phone number and area code.
  14. Try do it from mobile version of the browser. PC version is problematic.
  15. I've been trying to access my Passkeeper but I haven't been receiving SMS Codes no matter how many times I resend.
  16. November 2019 - Breaking news

    Here's mine... Possibly the problem depends on the chrome engine?
  17. Today, I wake up, and I realized that I had a new instalation from the play store , the "chrome crap". I when I use maxthon for android, I go to the page maxthon communitive or maxthon web and they told me that this website content "tracking applications" even display me "security error" (from maxthon android)
  18. Again, no sending code !

    Please let me know your phone number and area code.
  19. Problem logging into PayPal

    Yes. However the issue was gone the next day so I don't know what the problem really was. I guess it was something on PayPal's side. Thanks for your suggestion though.
  20. I cannot received the code today ! Second try !
  21. No code, not received.

    I cannot received the code today, please fix it !!!
  22. Earlier
  23. UUMail Not Forwarding

    Thank you very much
  24. Hi everyone

    Hi guys, it's my first post, though I'm a veteran user since MyIE2, I'm here to become an active part of the community as well as ask for tips and help. Have I done this right?
  25. UUMail Not Forwarding

    Hi there, it has been fixed. Please try again.
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