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    thanks - have never noticed that it still does not make sense not to post it here - well it does really as you {maxthon] have all but abandoned here - fair i guess as users have also done the same is it not time you updated the 670,000,000 user lie - its been that for years - maybe 670 is nearer the truth outside china

    Install and portable version.

    I've been at MX since it's there, I'm used to flexibility

    all well and good but point me to the portable version - i have never found it there - it may be but its not obvious so that download is of little use yes its possible to convert an install version to a portable version but why should we

    I'm always looking up anyway

    whatever the reason for release surely a link to that release should be posted on here just another example of the insignificance maxthon place on this plce - why dont you close it and be done

    It has been updated on Maxthon official website. Some special crashes have been fixed in v5.2.7.4000, if you don't have crashes issue in v5.2.7.3000, I won't recommend you to update. And the print page cannot be previewed in version in the Polish language.
  9. Load Unsafe script ? WTH...

    Hi there, this issue has been reported to the dev team, it will be improved as soon as possible.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Load Unsafe script ? WTH...

    YOU IMPLEMENT MORE SECURITY ! Make user more secure.
  12. So, appear here: But can't find anywhere on the Maxthon site? This is what causes frustration for users.
  13. More informative changelog

    So, we now have two beta releases, with one official release, listed on the site. How long are we to wait until a new official release is put up?
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  15. When come back to Maxthon Cloud Browser and sync cards in PC and phone? video from 2013
  16. More informative changelog

    Maxthon's system of notifying about version changes remains far too complex. There are two beta versions listed, but one weeks old official release. We need to know more about whether to stay with official versions even though weeks have gone by and numerous betas are released...thanks
  17. Load Unsafe script ? WTH...

    Even in the QA itself, it almost always comes out
  18. Load Unsafe script ? WTH...

    In that case, tell me why the prompt is on the youtube site, where everything is loaded via https. And why can not find out, what script is responsible for it.
  19. no such issue here so far
  20. Hello, I tried v5.3.8.900 in Win10.
  21. Hmmm: I get this (MX portable)
  22. Well, this is kinda weird. Latest Mx beta.
  23. Maxthon Now Tabs

    Hi there, have you enabled the "Drag and Drop"? I tried this issue on my end, Maxthon Now can support drag and drop. test.mp4
  24. Load Unsafe script ? WTH...

    Hi there, it's a secure strategy, if the https page loads HTTP resource, it will have the prompt.
  25. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website
  26.         V

    + Added the grammar support for locking the core of the web pages - Fixed the issue that the autofill form could not be seen clearly in Netflix - Fixed the issue that the font and font size could not be previewed in settings - Fixed the issue that the web page print could not be previewed in the Polish language
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