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  2. jep.. history of the last 9 months whipped out....
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  4. Maxthon with no quick access hack

    Hi MAXSHARK! Make this for please!
  5. Skins for MX5! - [Customizables]

    Bottom the whole UI, posible?
  6. Exactly the same happened to me with the latest update. No items listed in Last session window and September history wiped out. Great. (only MX5 installed on my computer.) That Last session feature really makes me stay with Maxthon, but what's the point of it when it gets lost so easily?
  7. This is how the History looks like. Obviously there is a big gap of few months. This is all now when they announced that History and Last Session could be imported from MX4. Who cares!!! Don't touch my data. Or at least make a backup of User folder to protect personal data and usage. I'm not the one who should think about it every time there is an update of YOUR browser. Meanwhile, the new version can still be downloaded. Does anyone reads the forum here at all? EDIT: So apparently, the MX4 data, which I stopped using but I did not uninstall it, got imported and overwritten, without even asking me. This messed up the MX5 History and Last Session.
  8. There is no problem with Favorites, Sync or whatnot... History for September only and Last Session Tabs.
  9. When I've learned one thing at Maxthon the last few months: you have to store: history, bookmarks and search engines. Perhaps the snapshots are gone, but somehow sync again, then these are back. Yes, sync, anyway. That was different with MX4.
  10. History for the month of September is lost. And the last Session tabs. Right after update. Which you can't avoid. AMAZING.
  11. MX5 PC Official Release

    a skin - my own skin in MX5 - achieved by mods to the 3 dat files - as wilser and others post here - by blind updating you override these files for your own - users should have a choice as they may not have backups in the same way the update overwrote files in the user dir - this resulted in my saved tabs being deleted - again something you should give choice on
  12. MX5 PC Official Release

    skin? Is your previous version MX4?
  13. Session management problem

    Previous sessions seems to break if there is a power cut or the PC is shut down before you close Maxthon 5. Many a page has been lost to me because of this.
  14. MX5 PC Official Release

    not good enough - sorry - i run my own skin which involved mods to 3 dat files - you delete these to add your own - security or no security problem you should not ride roughshod overs users choice - that is not your function if you have a problem then flag it with a notification or email to users - deleting a setup and modding a config file is not yours to do like i said - keep the hell out of my system - even Microsoft give choice when it comes to updates - what makes you so special that you override users wishes
  15. MX5 PC Official Release

    The previous version had a lot crashed and it existed security threat. So we make an auto-update on V5.1.2.2000. And the features have no changes as before.
  16. In the latest version ( of all the videos normally seen.
  17. MX5 PC Official Release

    what have you changed - i have never had an auto update - this morning Maxthon had updated over night - i dont want that - i want to do it manually - you managed to delete some files i had in the maxthon main dir and modified the config file in users NOT IMPRESSED keep the hell out of my system - i will decide if i want to update - not you
  18. v5.1.2.200 extensions gone?

    Thank You Friends for the replies, I tried Maxthon Tools as told by PHYR but it is coming as Blank screen
  19. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website Happy browser and leave your comment! Maxthon Team
  20.         V

    This update fixed the following issues: -Support automatic data importing of Maxthon 4's history records and recently opened tabs. -Optimized browser's stability -Optimized the experience on video toolbar feature -Fixed the issue of the mailto agreement can't invoking local mail client
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  22. Skynote extention

    You need to import your data from MX4. Menu/ Tools/ Import/Export User Data.
  23. Skynote - Maxnote Help Needed

    Skynote is now Maxnote found by clicking your avatar at the upper left of the browser. If you are using an account your old contents should be displayed as well as synced to your android version if you use one. You can create a new Maxnote by simply adding a new folder named Maxnote. In image I created Maxnote 2 as a demo
  24. v5.1.2.200 extensions gone?

    Are you using an account? Did you do a clean install? Otherwise, check that you have AB+ and your other addons selected in settings > Functions and addons.
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